Tri-rated Cable

Tri-rated cables meet the requirement of three international standards: BS6231, UL (underwrites Laboratories) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association). Trirated cable has a maximum operating temperature of 90 °C for continuous use, and 105 °C for a specific length of time. Tri rated cables are very popular in switchgear applications, thanks to Cass 5 flexibility, high temperature rating and flame retardant properties.


Eland Cables is the leading international supplier of electrical cables to an ISO approved quality system. Eland Cables supplies Tri-Rated Cable to BS6231, UL and CSA. Eland Cables Panel Wiring is available in a full range of sizes and colours suitable for use as internal connector cables in controllers, motor starters, rectifier equipment, switch control, relay and instrumentation panels.

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Our range of Tri Rated cables is of the highest quality, conforming to the requirements of BS6231 Type CK and UL Subject 758 Appliance Wiring Materials (AWM) for styles 1015, 1028, 1283, and 1284 as applicable, and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Standard C22.2, No.210, Type TEW. Trirated cables are also known as: Switchgear cable, tri rated cable, UL approved cable, Tri cable, rectifier equipment cable, single core PVC cable, 600/1000v single core cable, H05V2-K, H05V2K, HO5V2K, H07v2-K, HO7V2K, HO7V2K, HO7V2K, CSA approved cable, BS6231 Type Ck cable.